The Blog: Fad or Fact?

What is it about human nature that doesn’t like change? Maybe we just don’t want to go home from the party. Or admit when something is over. There is a very strong inner nay-sayer in us. If life is change, why do we resist it so much?


About six years ago, I saw a wave coming. I saw it coming from the tip of the horizon and even though it looked very small at that distance, I knew that by the time it reached the shore where I was standing it was going to be huge.


And that wave was–digital downloading. As an independent musician, I very early on signed up for the digital distribution through CD Baby, my online distributor, when other musicians were still poo-pooing the whole thing. There was iTunes and a handful of other digital sites.


Right then I made a decision for myself–and strongly advised my fellow artists–to stop duplicating CDs.  I insisted that people would soon not buy them. This digital whatever it is, was going to be the next big thing. CDs were over.


You wouldn’t believe the insane looks I got. Not one musician that I knew personally agreed with me. They all insisted CDs were not going away any time soon. That was probably way back sometime in 2001.


As of today, my music is currently available on over 50 download sites. Tower Records went bankrupt and closed every one of their stores.


Perhaps this is merely life perspective, but I have also seen decade’s worth of changes in media. I remember, now with enormous amusement, that in the late 80’s  people said that CDs would never replace tape because they were so expensive and not enough people owned the equally costly CD players.


So, in a recent conversation with a friend on the topic of blogs, I was not too disturbed when this friend insisted that blogs are just a fad, and they won’t last.


And here I was thinking that the “fad” part was actually over and that I had jumped on the blogging train rather late in the date. Now that I’m here myself, and am aware of professional and non-professional blogs, large, small, commercial and non-commercial, widely read and not, I know they’ve quickly evolved far beyond fad.


In spite of all the nay-sayers and predictions to the contrary, blogs have gained ground and established themselves in the media and beyond.  For now.


I’m just curious about what’s coming next. And that’s a fact.


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