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Most Beautiful US Primary Polling Place

And most convenient. About 100 feet from my door today was my primary polling place–at Victoria’s house.  You know that you’re voting in the Hollywood Hills when your government election bulletin lists your “Polling Place” as “Costume Room”.   Indeed, but I must add that I’m now calling my polling place the “Most Beautiful Primary Polling Place in the U.S.”

According to the election rules, I had to take the photo from the end of the driveway, and I couldn’t photograph the actual room. Here is the entrance: 

The inside was equally lovely with shelves of empty wig stands and oversized bunny heads. How fun is voting in the Hollywood Hills?

But it’s not all glamorous. You must do your homework and learn about all the dozens of candidates running from governor to members of the Party Central Committee. Plus there are six major State Measures to vote on, all of which are difficult to understand. This is not only because they are complicated issues but because you must also figure out which side of the argument is actually giving you the less deceptive information. 

Do you ever wonder why more people don’t vote in the primaries? Check out the books that Californians got in the mail:
The large primary election information guide is 8 1/2″ x 11″ and 79 pages long. At least they give you the sample ballot booklet, which you can fill out before and take with you to the booth.

Seriously, how many people will bother or have time to read the book cover to cover?  I read about 90% of  it.  Many candidates’ statements were not included, which is based on how much money they spent on their campaigns. I couldn’t help but notice possibly the most difficult and riduculously long email address to use or remember:
from Eric Korevaar, running for nomination for Lieutenant Governor. Really?

I was curious about why my neighbor would be so willing to use her house for a polling site, and here is what she said:

Many thanks to Victoria for being not only a good neighbor but a good citizen.
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