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Santa Monica/Malibu Community Raises $1 Million To Save Their Schools–But It’s Not Enough!

In a daunting campaign to raise enough money to save their school system from further teacher and program cuts, the residents and local businesses of Santa Monica/Malibu went all out and beyond reason in an economic downturn and have raised $1 million dollars. This is absolutely an amazing race, but wait, it’s not over and is heading to a breakneck finish as they still need another $300,000 before August 15. 

How did they get to this?  Well, the June primary referendum on teacher funding failed to pass, and the Democrats, after months of stalling from the other party, passed the $26 billion jobs bill only today.  For a more in-depth analysis on the continuing public school funding issues in California, see John Merrow’s 2003 report in the previous post.

This time the Santa Monica/Malibu residents’ fundraising campaign was aided by an outstanding PSA “Open Doors: Save Schools”, which was written, produced, and directed by Varda Hardy with actors Ed Harris and Amy Madigan.  See it below. To make a donation to the Save Our Schools campaign go to

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