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How California Schools Went From Best to Worst–2003 Report

The good news today is that Congress (or more accurately the Democrats in Congress) passed the $26 billion jobs bill for states, saving 300,000 jobs for government workers, including teachers.  In California, that will cover approximately 16,500 teachers who won’t lose their jobs now.  

This will surely help make up the tremendous shortfall in California, especially after the teacher fund referendum on the 2010 primary ballot here failed to pass.  But this begs the larger question of, apart from recent economic hard times, how did California’s public school system go from being considered the country’s best to one of America’s worst. What’s sad is that this has been an ongoing issue that is not getting better. Below is a report made in 2003 by journalist John Merrow, which uses the example of  the Santa Monica/Malibu public school system.  The more things change the more they stay the same on steroids.  Watch the report and then read the next post on how this same school system deals with the same fight this week in an amazing race to raise the funds and keep teachers on the payroll. You can watch more of this report on the YouTube page.


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Happy National Grammar Day…Song!

Happy National Grammar Day [US] and Happy World Book Day [UK]!!  To devoted grammar geeks and English language lovers everywhere: this is your day!  Let the celebrations begin!

Move over Strunk and White.  Make way for Martha Brockenbrough, author of Things That Make Us [Sic] and Mignon Fogarty, author of Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing and The Grammar Devotional, the new bibles of English grammar. They also created the holiday and the website National Grammar Day, a destination for all your grammar questions and answers.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, they wrote a Grammar Day song:

Well, they tried. I love the idea anyway. Grammar girls, suggestion for next year: a song contest for the best grammar rap song to be featured on National Grammar Day.

I mean who wouldn’t want to hear a rap song that includes the words “gerund”, “dangling participle” and “pluperfect”?  I ask you.

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Coming soon…

New posts, videos, and a new book.  See you soon!   JS

Catching Up

Boy, where did the time go?  I’m back now and will soon be blogging at my new website, but for now I’ll post here again for the time being.

Sorry for the hiatus…

Good morning, readers. Where has this month gone? I apologize for the long hiatus in posting, but I’ve been out of town and then busy creating new projects, which I will let you know about when they are more tangible. 

I’m working on a new post this morning, which should be up in a few hours.

Regards, JS

Or not…changing names today

Please bear with me as I think of new title for this blog. It turns out, there are quite a number of blogs called The M Word, all about different words starting with “M”.  😦   not so good.

 So, I’m changing the title of this blog today. Any suggestions?